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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 21, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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this is a fox news alert. hello. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. thanksgiving eve, the busiest travel day of the year. if it's not busy enough to get home for holidays union workers chose today to disrupt the air travel. fox's william la jeunesse is live at los angeles international with the details. william? >> the seiu was kicked out by workers at avenueiation safeguard, that company that contracts for sky cab, janitors, people who clean the cabin, that kind of thing. 52% of the workers decertified the union. in protest, the seiu brought in 1,000 union members. not airport workers to protest
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and shut down if you will the two main entrances to lax, the third busiest airport in the country. that caused thousands of people to stress out and some to miss their flights. they estimated unsuspecting travelers trying to catch a plane protest added 90 minutes. the union said the vote was illegal and aviation safeguard is not paying a living wage under the city ordinary ordinary. most workers got a raise. but it's good for the union. people missed their flights, the union spokesman told them it was an fortunate inconvenience. here is the explanation and company response. >> they serve the public and they are proud about the job. fortunately, they have been forced to take extreme measures because otherwise nobody is listening to them. airport is not listening to
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them. mayor of the city is not listening to them. they need extreme action. >> the employees in a majority voted they did not want be part of the seiu anymore. we don't have a dispute. the employees are happy with the wages they receive. >> reporter: a dozen people were arrested. two reasons it was held today. number one, the unions trying to get city hall involved to disqualify the company as a contractor. secondly, they have five more contracts at the end of the month. this shows the worker what is they will do to keep their jobs. back to you. >> kimberly: all right. william la jeunesse live in los angeles. thank you if update. get to the bottom of this. what is the story behind the union doing this on thanksgiving eve, inconsiderate to people traveling to see their families. >> eric: that is what the unions do. union thuggery at its finest, to take the busiest travel day of the year and disrupt the busiest airport on the planet. seiu said we don't like the
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contract the rest of the world an the average americans who have nothing to do with the issue going on. the teachers union do the same thing. right before school starts they strike. supposed to help the small guy, but what it does is it ruins everyone's experience. >> kimberly: they are casting a wide net looking out for their own interest. it wonder if they would have behaved this way prior to the presidential election, bob. >> bob: sometimes these things are not pleasant. sometimes people get their travel plans disrupted. the idea here is use the maximum leverage that you have and the maximum leverage for these people is the biggest travel day of the year. totally support them. it's the right thing to do. if they won't pay attention
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and won't pay living wage to people, bring attention. sometimes it's not pleasant. sometimes it's ugly. that is the way it is. right to organize and right to take petition management. if we don't have that right we shouldn't in this country. >> greg: i would love to see how upset tonight and you were trying to get home. >> bob: i'm upset as it is. >> greg: it's easy to say this 3,000 miles away. this is like taking up drums while your wife has a migraine. you won't make fans. i love this. i agree with bob. fantastic. they raised awareness of their own jackassery. they say they brought attention to an issue. the issue is they're jerks. they say i hate unions. i wish there was a latte union
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strike so academics would be upset and take the work to canada the way hollywood did. hollywood love movies until they go to canada. >> kimberly: leave the lattes out of it. >> greg: i love unions. >> kimberly: we can tell. >> greg: unions had a purpose. uneasy relationship between the worker and the boss. that relationship is acquiesceed with something called cash. cash replaces the sub serveiants. >> kimberly: you are enjoying a joy of hate about unions now. >> greg: money takes care of a lot of these things. >> eric: who has the living wages? unions? >> bob: free market. >> eric: the free market. >> bob: the free market did a wonderful job to keep the economy on track, hasn't it? >> greg: opposed to socialnism >> bob: opposed to misguided management. >> dana: even when the employees vote to not be in
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the union the union does this on their behalf. that is what we're supposed to believe. unions are feeling their oath. if romney would have won, they would have done it as well. the unions are declining so much with people part of them they trying to do what they can. they risk losing in court of public opinion. earlier today, they sat in sixth avenue to proest he had to come to work today. everyone was yelling at him and saying ridiculous. get up and get to work. >> greg: union of one. >> bob: you make a good point. the union membership declined dramatically. i don't know what you are worried about. you a right for a union and collectively bargain. >> greg: we have a right to travel. >> dana: you talk about prime minister benjamin netanyahu would risk going too far and losing support in the international court of public opinion. do you not agree that the
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union is doing this and to greg's point now everybody can say i can see what business owners are complaining about now that they talk about the union. >> eric: the other way -- >> bob: this is the only way to bring it to attention of the mayor. you do it. >> kimberly: great union idea, they're accused of bullying a u.s. company for example like wal-mart calling for protests on black friday. there may be a federal labor law wish the national labor relations board. >> eric: how convenient that the three democrats and one republican all obama appointe appointees won't rule on this until tomorrow. and by then it will be too late. they will still have the protest going on outside of wal-mart. >> dana: they didn't wait when they prevented boeing going to south carolina. >> bob: wal-mart is bullied by the employees. they don't have the unions. >> eric: this is who started this that sent out the e-mails to various supporters of their cause.
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so "a" , protest, "b," talk to management, "c," dash >> bob: call this what it this is. the largest company in the united states ripping off the employees. >> eric: how ripping them nauf >> bob: not paying them living wage. >> eric: what is the living wage? >> bob: more than $12. >> eric: what is the living wage? >> dana: always a little more. that's how they survive. i'm not saying, maybe they deserve to get paid more. maybe they will be successful and have an impact on them. if they are not -- if they are successful does anyone think next thanksgiving they won't do the same thing? >> kimberly: they'll do it. >> dana: of course they will. >> bob: businesses do not have the right to make the decision. under the labor laws. >> dana: why? >> bob: labor laws of the country, workers have a right to collectively bargain from management. >> dana: they voted to get out of the union. they voted at 52% to get out.
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>> eric: right, not a requirement, though. don't we have a living wage that dictates that minimum wage? >> greg: i don't understand what happens to employees that walk out? that is not fair from the other employees. they don't want unions. obviously, you can fire them because you can't walk out on your job. who hires them? this is the david and goliath narrative. wal-mart is big, workers are tiny. if wal-mart were dogs unions would root for fleas. they don't see a real relationship. there is a positive relationship between companies and employees who provide them with a good wage and security and a lot of things. you think i'm nuts. >> bob: you're right about wal-mart being a dog. i agree with that. >> eric: that is the best analogy you ever said. if wal-mart were a dog the unions would root for the
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fleas. perfect. >> kimberly: haunt a good one? you should retire now. >> eric: absolutely! all businesses should be free market. >> bob: you and mussolini would have gotten along well. >> greg: mussolini was for unions. >> bob: state controlled unions. >> eric: moving from the state of michigan where you are required to join the union if an auto worker in michigan to nonunionized state. >> kimberly: eric -- bob, this is your favorite part. the twinkie alert. >> dana: we have more to talk about that, and not much to talk about in my block which is the weather. >> kimberly: so we'll save it for the "b" block. like that. >> greg: throwing an audible. >> kimberly: before we go, look at the scene in washington. president obama spared two turkeys at the annual white house pardoning. 40-pound fowl was designated the national turkey. the president said if he can't fulfill the pardoning duties,
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♪ ♪ >> dana: between now and sunday more than 43 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more. greg is making ridiculous faces now. according to a.a.a. that is what they said about greg. 2 million or so will pass through chicago's airport. earlier today, the fog came through and canceled 200 flights in the windy city. hundreds of others was delayed. what is the situation there now? steve brown life at chicago o'hare. steve? >> hey there, yes. a little better. they managed to get the fog burned off by noon. still had to work through the difficulties there are fewer flights and fewer seats. if there is a problem with delays or cancellations you have fewer seats to move
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people to get where they are going. in the midwest is where you have most difficulty. the vast majority of folks traveling with the holiday weekend will do so by car. a good news bad news situation there. the price of gasoline has been drop something a few cents less than beginning of the month. few more dollars in your pocket. right? compared to last thanksgiving, it is a couple of cents more. about five or six, seven more. depending where you're at. it's going to cost you more to travel. as you pointed out, triple a says more folks traveling on the road. there is a pentapody mand. put off a trip to grandmother's house in 2011 and decided to in 2012. there will be folks on the roads driving; particularly, busy on sunday. you can leave on wednesday, you can leave on thursday, but a lot of folks come back on sunday. so therefore, it will be busy out there on the highway. plan ahead and longer trip
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back. back to you in new york. >> dana: all right, steve. thanks so much. we -- actually, i am probably having the shortest trip ever for thanksgiving. going by foot. walking to a restaurant, which is -- >> greg: you forage in the woods, don't you? >> bob: i have a different situation. i have to take a train. amtrak train from new york city to washington, d.c. on busiest day. unbelievable difficult to work through. the good news is i have something to read on the train. to get us started on the next one, this is untitled by greg gutfeld, his next book. unentitled is another greg gutfeld book and will do well if you buy it now. >> greg: "you of bob." >> bob:ly read it on the
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train. >> dana: it's in invisible ink. he is number seven debuting on the "new york times" best seller list. >> greg: you really don't have a lot to say in the "b" block. >> dana: is it not news that it is hard to travel on thanksgiving weekend. >> greg: we could run a segment from tomorrow. >> dana: but it's 36 in chicago and 78 in dallas. there is weather on the west coast. okay. i know. >> greg: you know how you make holidays easier? stagger the holidays by last name. if you are from "a" to "m" you do thanksgiving this week. "n" to "z" you do next week. that cuts the travel in half.
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>> dana: we're going to get something to talk about initially. eric will catch us up. you talked about the twinkies. we have news. >> eric: we could have gone to lax. the seiu is protesting at the los angeles airport. the point is unions disrupting everything going on, including hostess. we talk about this and want to bring it on. hostess makes twinkie and wonder bread. but you cannot put because of the tempsters union you can't put bread on twinkie truck or twinkie on the bread truck. when they both go to the store to sell it, the teamster driver could not touch it. someone else has to unload it. that's why the products go up. >> greg: you can't keep them in the same truck or they
2:20 pm
would reproduce and have twinkie bread. >> dana: this is happening, that one of the demands from the union you can't have products on the same truck. if you run errands you go do to a toothpaste from one store and another store from tooth brush. it makes sense to buy them at the same store. >> dana: we are reaching for it. >> greg: you never bought your own tooth brush or toothpaste. >> dana: you made history because of the twinkie and hostess. >> kimberly: it's funny and on youtube. >> bob: unentitled by greg gutfeld. news that the federal judge allowed hostes stoush go to bankruptcy and sell off the brand name to bring in $2 billion which is what their gross was. >> eric: bring 18,000 employees to unemployment line. >> kimberly: bob did his
2:21 pm
homework. that was nice! >> greg: solve this and let wal-mart buy hostess. the stock will jump 30%.why not? >> bob: they would be made in china. lead paint in their toys. >> greg: you are terrible. >> eric: wal-mart let wal-mart buy hostess and it wouldn't unionized so they could produce twinkie on a profit. >> dana: put it on the same truck. >> kimberly: one guy deliver and unload it. >> eric: you see how we all the problems in society here? >> bob: you would do away with all unions, right? turn it over to the rich management guys. >> dana: before we go, a programming note. tomorrow we is a thanksgiving special. that is coming up. most graduates do not believe
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in the american dream and greg thinks he knows why. up next on "the five." ♪ ♪ no, no, no, stop! humans -- one day, we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... stop, stop, stop! my car! not so much. but that's okay. you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacemen from liberty mutual insurance. cincinnat y to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility -- what's your policy?
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♪ >> greg: so, according to a new poll, his name is joseph. 63% of college grads think the american dream is dead. surprised he knew what it was. for this dream, once defined by equality of opportunity, has been replaced by the morally superior equality of outcome. so why is that? well, for the dream to work you had to get american
2:27 pm
exceptionalism. there is no belgian, mexicaner hawaiian dream. even our president thought that was academic. exceptionalism is leave it to beaver. the dream requires thinking that our system is better. that is mean. the american dream sellish individualism makes the world mad. so now exceptionalism as, ploitive is coming back. never a new idea. sprouting from the same leafy campuses that gave us an administration who sees government as the dream replacement. as young folks are saddled with debt and unemployment, obama wishes to expand the government reach, raising taxes on those laboring under the old dream. how can anyone believe in a dream when the leaders don't? they look stagnant earth and say that is better. america may enter a nationally recurring nightmare, i don't mean the one where dana and jasper show up as house gues guests. you hate the american dream so you are happy about this.
2:28 pm
>> dana: i haven't lived it at all. 60% of recent college grads can't find a job in what they studied, in the profession they chose. one of five bachelor degree holders are unemployed and 40% live at home. you can understand why they are upset about the future. i bet the poll is correct. >> greg: it's clear you don't care. is the american dream dead and should obama be impeached? >> kimberly: i saw that on the street corner today. >> bob: kimberly is eating. you ate it all. >> kimberly: i'm hiding it from you. >> greg: so you agree with me president obama should be -- >> bob: i do not. everyone at the table went to liberal arts college, right? is anybody here except for me maybe have questions about
2:29 pm
america exemptionallism? no. you went through it. fine. the country will retain the number one position in the world and be fine. despite the right wing nuts scaring people away they will be fine. >> eric: you have an issue with exceptionalism? >> bob: some issue. >> eric: if you, you should haven't any problem. look where you are. look at the table you're at. what other country on the planet would you sit at a table like this. given what is going on -- >> bob: i've been beat up in the last two days. done ding the american dream. i asked my son, 14 years old. freshman in high school. the american dream is "a," alive, "b," dead, changed, "c" changed and if it's changed fill in the blank. he said it's harder for the, quote/unquote, dream, to become economy because of political issues. so define the american dream. he said it's opportunity for
2:30 pm
success through work. high school kids are glued in to what the american dream is and fed, you know, fed this issue. >> bob: your kid, you brainwash. brainwash him in republican. >> greg: to many, the american dream is you want a harley and are of bills and a 12-pack. democrat is available friday. >> greg: what is the american dream to you? >> kimberly: to me it's opportunity. not result. give me a chance to go out there and do something for myself. yes, i will get an education. and apply for the student loans or not, find a way or work three jobs to get it done. that is what you do. try to do better than you did from the last generation. my parents, i was the first one to be able to go to school and get a college education. have those opportunities as a first generation american. if i can do it, like anyone at this table. >> dana: some of the best stories in your life come from the job you had atism worked 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. country
2:31 pm
music d.j. in college. >> kimberly: you were a d.j.? >> dana: i was. minimum wage. >> bob: i think you ought to have the opportunity to do everything you can. everybody should have that opportunity. where i have a problem with american exceptionalism is last night, some baby was born a crack addict mother in harlem. >> greg: you always bring that up. >> bob: but it's true. some white rich -- >> greg: it was his fault. the white guy impregnated the crack addict. >> bob: no but that baine doesn't have the same equal shot. >> dana: what country should crack baby be born in to have a better chance? >> bob: that is not the question. >> dana: that is the question. >> bob: this is the united states of america. you taught be able to have an equal shot. >> dana: where does a baby have a better chance? >> kimberly: bob. name one more country, one other country besides the united states that you have the student opportunities here?
2:32 pm
>> bob: norway. >> dana: lowest quality of life. >> kimberly: move there. >> bob: love it or leave it. i heard that before. >> greg: we heard your crack baby analogy 35 times. >> bob: you will continue to hear it until you give me a reasonable answer why the child doesn't have an equal shot. >> eric: you t lowest gap between income, high income and low income is? capitalist societies or socialist/communist society? you want it skinnier. >> bob: wider here than most places. >> eric: incorrect. wider in socialist/capitalist countries. >> bob: you made mistake you said you were going to give a reasonable point. >> greg: the american dream is replaced by the julia dream. don't worry about achieving anything. the government has your back. >> bob: let's not just paint everything, i am going to stop listening to all liberals do that. they're all communists.
2:33 pm
>> dana: our thanksgiving day special will be amazing. >> greg: thank god it's live. all we all try to get home for the holidays watch out for people like d nasha to cough on you or bob can sneeze on you or kimberly with kooties. ew! but don't fear. eric has tips to avoid health he saturdays up next on "the five." -- hazards up next on "the five." ♪ ♪ having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. can get you a great deal on the items you want? i don't know! let's go see. vizio 60" smart led for $688. that's a $310 savings. that is amazing!
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i'm shannon bream in washington. big story is a cease-fire agreement between israel and nams gaza. tonight on "special report," secretary hillary clinton announces the truce from cairo. brokered and monitored by egypt's new government. it calls for both sides to end
2:38 pm
hostilities. get perspective from national security correspondent jennifer griffin who lived and worked in that region. this coming black friday could be a dark time for nation's largest retailer. some of wal-mart's 1.5 million employees may picket outside stores to publicize their complaint. the group organizing event is affiliated with a big labor union. look at the connection. and illinois democratic congressman jesse jackson junior resigned. he was just re-elected but he has been missing from work for months with mental health issues and he is under investigation for possibly misuse of campaign funds. "special report" at washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: talk about keeping healthy. from airport trade to hotel remote control. a lot of things can spread
2:39 pm
germs around. how do you avoid getting sick when you travel? [ coughing ] >> kimberly: how do i avive every time? >> eric: what is the germiest place on the planet for you? >> kimberly: right here! are you kidding me? remember the nachos. >> eric: tell the story. >> kimberly: we went away for a convention. right? and so we went away for that.tas hotel together. and bob had unfortunate infection and finger was wrapped all crazy. bob goes over to the nacho bar. what is going on? this is ridiculous? hazard insurance. he goes over and heaping himself in to this. i was so desperate an hungry, as usual. that i had to get tacos and nachos and dug in. you are a double dipper, too. it caught you in there.
2:40 pm
[ calving ] >> kimberly: i have no op tite. >> bob: what is unsafe is not using -- well, never mind. >> kimberly: oh, my gosh. >> greg: the germiest place is bill hemmer's hot tub. we need germs. we're so firmphobic. you have to be exposed to germs. people protect their kids from dirt and stuff. big mistake. as father of no kids i'm an expert at this. airplanes are germany. no one is checking their bags anymore. no one wants to pay the fees. so people bring in chickens and pigs. >> dana: we're discussing food. >> bob: why are you freaked out about my mrsa then? >> greg: you talk about your
2:41 pm
mrsa so much it was freaking me up. >> dana: what surprised me about this. something i never thought about is the tv remote. i'll never forget it. >> kimberly: you're right. i forgot about that. >> bob: i never thought of that before. >> eric: airplane tray tables, blankets. point something else not on the list. salad bar. the salad bar. people who go and they like sneeze and coughing in the salad bar. you come along behind them. >> bob: you know why remote controls are so gross? if you go to a hotel -- >> kimberly: bob, bob, bob. >> dana: you hate to apologize on the thanksgiving day special. >> bob: i was going to say, you know, depending what the
2:42 pm
people were doing before they used the -- >> kimberly: you can't help yourself. >> dana: i love to have the antibacterial individual hand wipes. i have a company that sells them and i have them in my bag and i'm prepared and i wipe my hands. i'll do that with other things in hotels. >> bob: your sister is here. was she always like this? >> eric: they're not miced. we have to go. coming up, the college sophomore to teach a thing or two to pros. unbelievable record-breaking performance last night on the hoops court. we'll show it to you. and the n.b.a. should watch, too. next on "the five." ♪ ♪ why is it that the most impressive technology often comes with a set of equally impressive instructions ?
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♪ ♪
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>> bob: i can tell you how slow news block has been today because my block has substance to it. remember this name. jack taylor. he is on his way to becoming some people, not me, think the next jim jordan. 5'10" sophomore at grinnell college in iowa set a new ncaa record last night with 138 points scored in the one game. previous record was set in 1954. whence i was 48. fox news spoke with taylor about the remarkable feat. >> coming to halftime, i had 58 points and my teammates started to get really excited for me and said they would give me the ball every time down the court. i was able to stay hot. i was in a mental state.
2:48 pm
i was focused on scoring and nothing else mattered. >> bob: thank them because they gave you the ball every time. the team has a theory about playing. this is recognized for 12 years. one guy and they keep changing four players that come in to join them. they are all freshman and give them the ball. 25% of three-point shots. >> eric: i think he scored 138 points, broke a record and the team won. look, they have a theory. system. it works. >> andrea: this is like taking a box of -- >> greg: this is taking box of live spiders and throwing it on a little girl. too many. >> dana: that is how i feel every day. >> greg: this is a great strategy. the new way to play
2:49 pm
basketball. they turn the sport to a carnival game. >> dana: when did basketball players wear capris pants? what is going on with the uniforms? almost touching their ankles. >> bob: your sports knowledge and everybody thinking you knew something about sports. >> dana: i scored # 38 points in 1993 at the university of southern colorado, but nobody noticed. >> bob: how many have you scored? >> kimberly: bob, you really -- i was waiting for this time to create problems for the end of the show. i am a real athlete, bob. >> bob: i know you are. >> kimberly: i played basketball. u.c. davis. >> bob: another topic here, teens banned from shopping alone black friday at mall of america in minnesota.
2:50 pm
if it was up to me, i wouldn't go to a mall. teenagers are a pain in the neck. the guys look like pants will fall down and the girls look like -- well, i won't use the word. resemble something i know a little bit about. go ahead ^wa. do you think? >> kimberly: my josh. >> eric: we threw out the part of the story last year there was problem, hooting. fighting going on. if you are a teen, you have to be esscourted by a parent. i have a 14-year-old. if you give them enough rope they hang themselves. >> greg: i have a solution. only reason i'm here is offer solution to your stupid problems. we need to been a teenagers everywhere. my solution space teen island. go to where you create an island in space and send teens there until you're 18. upside is we live longer on earth, healthier lives.
2:51 pm
they come home with jose. thaosteoporosis, is the bad new. but they don't run us over or beat us up. >> bob: what do you think they run around the with the -- take a big bat. boom when they come by. >> kimberly: this is a hostile table for children. youth of america. >> bob: can you keep someone to go shopping? >> eric: you can't allow someone in your score. >> kimberly: they can do that. >> dana: they get punished because of one bad teenager behavior. >> bob: one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ customer erin swenson bought from us online today.
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it may help reduce the cost of your prescription drugs. with over 30 years of medicare experience, unitedhealthcare has been helping people live healthier lives. remember, open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. we can help. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. call now. ♪ >> kimberly: time for one more thing on that happy thanksgiving eve. are you prepared? >> bob: i am. i want to update you from a story from yesterday in san francisco from where lawmakers were voting whether to ban nudity. they did. regrettedably the clothes stay on. it requires a final vote and must be signed by the mayor. i would like to apologize for
2:56 pm
one of my typical wisecracks about the nudists. if i offended anyone i'm very sorry. i offend myself stoppage time so i hope you pardon another -- i offend myself sometimes. i hope you will pardon me. >> greg: i can't believe you don't apologize nudists. >> kimberly: freaking out. >> eric: vanessa riddle had 40,000 twitter followers. she is battling stage four neuroblastoma devastating disease. it called her today because we got thor 52,000 overnight. i spoke to her. thereon a little. i asked how she is, what she feels about all this going on. >> how do you feel about this all? >> really good. really happy. >> eric: i got you to 50 and
2:57 pm
threw out the challengers to our followers and viewers let's get vanessa over 100,000 by the end to tv year. think we can do it? are you game? >> yes. >> eric: what do you want to say to people following you now? >> thank you to everyone. great girl. get her to 100,000 twitter followers by the end of the year. there you can see it. go to her website and listen to the story. read it. this is compelling. >> kimberly: very nice. dines >> dana: mine is not so nice. if women and men get in a dog an they have a dog, 26% of women say they would choose the dog over making up and staying with the husband. i don't think -- that is bob's phone.
2:58 pm
he has an important date. i am lucky because i have a great husband, too. greg was going to get annoyed about another thing. his best-selling book "joy of hate" is going to the dogs. look at this. jasper reading "joy of hate." isn't that cute? >> greg: he pooped on page 60. >> eric: is jasper in the book? >> greg: jasper wasn't born. >> bob: order it. >> greg: i will do a chapter on each person on "the five." except for kimberly. >> kimberly: interesting. >> bob: has everybody done their thing? >> kimberly: no. >> greg: i have a banned phrase. here it is.
2:59 pm
wait for it. i hate it when they do that. today in the news, so-and-so was arrested for -- wait for it. just say it. >> dana: or just pause. >> greg: don't say "wait for it." i blame kimberly. >> kimberly: i think you should. >> kimberly: you say "wait for it all the time." when do i say that? play it back. >> bob: what is that? >> kimberly: i have to do my mine more thing. this is about honey boo-boo. artist from san francisco that made a honey boo-boo portrait out of trash. took him 50 hours, 25 pounds of trash. it's jason. for $5,000 get you honey boo-boo, dollar make you holler. it's cute. >> dana: why are you booing? >> greg: so much other th


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